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Welcome to the Frank E. Schoonover Website. Please register with us by creating an account, and you are welcome to search through the content of over 3200 database entries on the catalogue ot work of Frank E. Schoonover, the Catalogue Raisonne.

We are pleased to announce that The Frank E. Schoonover Catalogue Raisonne has been printed and is for sale.   It can be ordered online at OakKnoll.com, at the book stores in the Delaware Art Museum and the Brandywine River Museum, at amazon.com, or by calling 1-800-996-2556.

RaisonneThis publication encompasses all of the known works of artist and illustrator, Frank E. Schoonover. Thanks to his remarkable daybooks, which record over 2500 entries,  important information about his entire ouvre is available. All documentation updates to the book will be added to this website.

The NEWSLETTER will provide updated information about upcoming Frank E. Schoonover exhibitions and publications. 

We plan to maintain this website as a continuing source of knowledge about the life and works of Frank E. Schoonover. One new item: please note that the email address for the Fund has changed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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The Authentic Artist


Frank SchoonoverFrank Schoonover: The Authentic Artist is a one-hour documentary film that explores innovative Delaware illustrator Frank Schoonover’s visionary social commentary on two powerfully contrasting social frontiers in northeastern Pennsylvania—the region’s gloomy industrial landscape in the 1900’s and the pristine vistas of the Delaware River in the 1930’s. Schoonover’s moody monochromatic sketches of boys working in coal mines and girls laboring in textile mills, and his vibrant oil paintings of panoramic river settings in the Pocono Mountains, are prescient art that portrays issues of human rights and environmentalism and captures the heart of a people and a place, and the soul of an artist.

That soul found its solace in the subject of the frontier. To this day, Frank Schoonover’s iconic renderings of adventurous life in fantasy as well as in the Canadian North and the American West help define American popular culture. More than five million readers every month saw his illustrations of the fiction of Jack London and Zane Grey, among the many writers with whom he collaborated. He was the first to visualize the legendary western character Hopalong Cassidy (left).

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